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Oct 18


Turnigy USB linker

Turnigy USB linker is hardware needed to flash your AquaStar/Super Brain ESC series. Today I'm going to show you how to use the Turnigy USB Linker to update your ESC's with the bootloader enabled.

To this side we are going to attach servo connector from the ESC.

Connectors are marked on the Turnigy USB linker with colors, black is negative, red positive and yellow is signal wire. Its important to know that Turnigy USB linker is not supplying power to the ESC, so it needs to be powered separately.

Its useful but not necessary to connect motor (be sure you don't have propeller on) because of the ESC sounds notifications that are emitted trough the motor.

You can connect the battery now to the ESC, I'm using aligator clipts for this purpose but special attention should be payed not to short the leads.

Now that all is hooked up we can plug the linker to the computers USB and go ahead with the installation of Turnigy USB linker driver and the software needed to flash the firmware to the ESC.

First thing we need to do is check if the drivers for the USB linker are installed.

Now, you can download drivers here, and the ESC flashing software from the link here. When we are at it, lets go and download latest SimonK firmware from this link here.

Now we need to unpack all the zip's we've downloaded.

First thing to install is driver. We are running 64bit version of the Windows so we are going to install the 64bit drivers.

Take note on the COM port number (in our case its COM18) because we are going to need this information for the flashing tool.

Next thing is to go to the SimonK folder, select all files and copy it to the ESC_Update_App folder.

Double click on flash.cmd.

Enter the COM port USB linker is using (previously noted).

Next step is to enter the name of the firmware. This depends on the ESC you are using and before doing anything please be sure to double check what type of ESC you have and which firmware to use (info available at the SimonK pages).


Now that the flashing is over we can test to make sure everything went well. Unplug USB linker and unplug battery connection.

We are going to use servo tester connected with the ESC servo wire but you can use your receiver too.

Turn the throttle all way up, connect the battery, than turn the throttle all way down.

Note that procedure of calibration might be different for different kind of ESC's. For this information refer to the ESC manual.


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