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Jul 14


Well rounded power system for your RC - turnigy power systems

Whether you need new and powerful engine for your RC plane, car or boat, turnigy power systems are definitely worth checking out. In terms of quality vs. price you will be surprised at what those power systems can deliver - never again will you think about buying anything else for your RC.

Size and shape to fit any chassis you have - the turnigy power systems do have lots of electric engines that will fit anything you have. It's not always about the size of the unit - shape can be limiting factor also, well it can be with others but not with turnigy.

The Easy Match series of turnigy power systems are made to fit any space you have in your RC, it can be mounted almost anywhere at your RC car of boat. It will also provide enough power to move them around as with much pricier and larger power units.

Turnigy power systems batteries are built to produce less heat (both when charging and discharging) and to give an edge over the competition when it comes to their longevity. They can be used in RC helicopters as well as in airplanes - simply said they will never fail you.

In terms of charging your batteries turnigy power systems will deliver charger that can be used with LiPo, LiFe, Nicd, Nimh and PB batteries. They are built to be used both with AC and DC power outlets and can be used both at 110v and 240v (for EU or USA standard).

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