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Apr 02


Turnigy Lipo Chargers

You need a decent charger that can charge all your batteries including LiPo, LiFe, NiMh, NiCd? If you are in RC world in last few years, it would be impossible to miss one brand know for it's large products portfolio and "best bang for the buck" philosophy, Turnigy.

Turnigy offers enormous range of Batteries, Servos, ESC's, Motors, Radio Control Radios, and Tool for RC Hobby and Chargers are no exception. Most of the chargers Turnigy makes can charge LiPO, LiFe, NiCd, NiMh and also PB batteriers. Range of chargers includes chargers that can use power from both AC and DC power supplies and can work on both 110V and 240V power outlets. While decent quality , range of chargers Turnigy offers is what's amazing and can suit any modelers need, large or small, Turnigy LiPo chargers are best value chargers on the market today. High range of Turnigy Lipo Chargers can charge up to 1300W with minimal internal resistance and extremely high accuracy.

One of the best selling Turnigy LiPo Chargers is Accucel 8 with circuitry that has maximum output power of 150W, it can charge or discharge up to 27 cells of NiCd or NiMh, as well as 8 serious of Lithium type of batteries, with maximum current of 7.0A. With individual cell voltage balancer built-in, you can monitor and balance batteries during charging or discharging process. It can charge three types of Lithium batteries: LiLo, LiPo and LiFe. You can store up to ten different custom charging programs that fit your batteries. Turnigy LiPo charger can perform one to five cycles of charging/discharging or charge/discharge continually.

Accucel 8 charger provides various useful information's on it's LCD screen during charging or discharging process. With this Lipo charger you can monitor individual cell voltage, final voltage, internal temperature of charger, supplied voltage and with additional external sensor also the temperature of battery being charged.

As it's case with most of the Chinese brands, main downside of Turnigy products is their user manual, or actually lack of it. Most of the manuals that do exist are poorly written with missing parts. For this particular Turnigy LiPo charger, important calibration of it is not covered by official manual at all.

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