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Feb 07


Turnigy integrated PCB Micro-Quad

Weather you are entering the multi-copters world or just waiting for winter to pass, Turnigy integrated PCB Micro-Quad is the thing to look at with its compact size and more than attractive price.

Although not exactly the way to enter this hobby for total beginners in RC it does require a bit of know-how to gather and assemble required components.

As the name suggests, Turnigy integrated PCB Micro-Quad frame is made out of PCB (which stands for Printed Circuit Board). Main advantage of this board is reduction in amount of wiring required to connect battery with four ESC's which also results in lighter setup. In other words Turnigy integrated PCB Micro-Quad comes with integrated power distribution built inside the frame of this little quad copter.

Have in mind that light weight indicated on HobbyKing site is total weight without battery and rx.

For assembly of Turnigy integrated PCB Micro-Quad CA glue should be used preferably with kicker/activator to achieved strong bond.

Suggested motors are T1811-2900kv but beware not to confuse it with the same motor but different KV rating which is also available (2000kv one). These motors are coupled with 2S LiPo battery pack. Option for fitting propellers is 5x3 props from HobbyKing but there are two version of which the new ones are better choice. The best choice however are Gemfan 5x3x3 props.


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