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Apr 04


Turnigy 5017 620kv

If you are looking for efficient, good looking multi-rotor motors specifically designed for multi-rotor application, Turnigy 5017 620kv might be the one for you.

Turnigy 5017 620kv is built with 45SH magnets, wide bell for extra torque and it comes with prop adapter which is mounted as close as possible to the brushless motor bell to reduce the well known enemy of the multi-rotors, vibrations. It comes with extra long wires so you can hide the ESC's in the center of the multi-copter and it doesn't require re-soldering of longer wires.

There appears to be two versions of the motor, older one discontinued with 5mm prop adapter shaft and new Turnigy 5017 620kv comes with 6mm shaft. Older version includes bolt-on cross mount which is not the case with the new one.

Turnigy 5017 620kv appears to be the exact clone, if not the same motor, as IPower 4008Q 620kv motor.

A little bit of theory.

Kv: 620rpm/v
Can size: 50mm
Shaft: 4mm (includes prop adapter for65mm prop mounting)
Motor Mount Holes: 16mm / 19mm
Suggested ESC: 35A
Rated Watts: 290W
Weight: 125g (Including wires, plugs)
Cell count: 3~4S Lipoly
Motor wire length: 390mm

Nicely wound 12N14P dLRK motor  with Wye termination as opposed to today's usual dLRK wound with Delta termination. Clear advantage of Wye termination over Delta termination is that for the same number of turns in the winds it develops a lower RPM, while at the same time it's developing 50% more torque. Another benefit is that Wye terminated motor requires lower input power in Watts with the same load as Delta wound motor which is resulting in current dropping and better battery duration.

Looks like this motor is indeed specifically designed for the wind and termination chosen, and all that for 9 to 12 inch props for multi-copters.

Expect the current consumption and power (in Watts) number for this motor to be relatively low for the power delivered thanks to increased torque.

Here is the table with 3S and 4S batteries and with several different props

3S APC 9x6 SF 6285 RPM 11.70V 8.65A 100W
4S APC 9x6 SF 7840 RPM 15.65V 14.53A 226W
3S APC 10x4.7 SF 6245 RPM 11.64V 8.65A 100W
4S APC 10x4.7 SF 7970 RPM 15.80V 14.10A 223W
3S GP 10x4.5 6055 RPM 11.45V 9.45A 107W
4S GP 10x4.5 7629 RPM 15.43V 15.40A 238W
3S GP 10x7 5584 RPM 11.16V 12.33A 138W
4S GP 10x7 6623 RPM 15.23A 16.77A 256W
3S GP 11x4.5 5564 RPM 11.90V 11.79A 130W
4S GP 11x4.5 6614 RPM 19.19V 17.56A 249W
3S GP 11x4.7 5585 RPM 11.12V 9.21A 102W
4S GP 11x4.7 7487 RPM 14.98V 14.45A 217W

All in all, these appears to be excellent motors for multi-rotor application.

Kv (rpm/v) 620
Weight (g) 125
Max Current (A) 35
Resistance (mh) 108
Max Voltage (V) 15
Power(W) 290
Shaft A (mm) 4
Length B (mm) 23
Diameter C (mm) 50
Can Length D (mm) 10
Total Length E (mm) 30

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