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Mar 30



There surely are cheaper alternatives but TGY-306G-HV is good "bang for the buck". Thanks to it's dimensions it's usually used as drop in replacement for cheap Orange servos and it surely is an upgrade in terms of quality.

In it's range of servos you can find TGY-306G-HV, digital, high voltage and high torque metal gear, ultra fast servo in alloy casing.

Model: TGY-306G-HV
Operating Voltage: 4.8V / 6V / 7.2V
Operating Speed: 0.07sec.60º/ 0.06sec.60º/ 0.05sec.60º
Stall Torque: / /
Size: 22.9X12.1X27.3mm
Weight: 21g
Motor: 12mm Coreless
Potentiometer: indirect Drive
Ball bearing: 2 Ball Bearing
Gear: Metal
Case: Aluminum
Connector wire: 220mm
Plug: JR/Universal

TGY-306G-HV is getting fairly good reviews from the community with centering being one of rare complaints from several users that installed them. This servo is compared with Align servos but its essentially MKS 95 DS clone.

There is one thing that lots of modelers like to do prior to any installation of metal casing servos. Circuit board that is on the bottom of the servo, in most cases doesn't have any isolation and that opens possibility of board touching the metalic casing and causing short circuit. Pull four screws on the bottom of TGY-306G-HV servo out, remove stickers and then you will see that casing is cut out to accomodate oversized motor in order to fit the case. Once this is done, bottom part of servo is free and cou can use isolation tape, or thin plastic, and use it to make barrier between electronics and casing. Put back bottom cover, and after that make sue that you use drop of thread lock when putting screws back in place. Also put back stickers because they prevent dust from entering the servo.


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