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Feb 20

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Talon UAV

You wanted another FPV pusher? You got it! But this time its not Easy Star type of pusher but rather tail mounted motor airframe with striking similarity to one of the military UAVs. It's Talon UAV by X-UAV.

Talon UAV is product of X-UAV Chinese company made out of EPO foam featuring these characteristics:

  • Wingspan: 1718mm
  • Body length: 1100mm
  • Wing Area: 45.5dm2
  • Empty Weight: 1050g

Talon UAV has big wing capable of carrying up to 4kg AUW with 3.5kg being the ideal weight to target. You can expect with single 5000mAh 4s battery, level flight current consumption at 3.4-3.9A with speed of around 29-33mph.

Manufacturer is suggesting following power-train for Talon UAV:

  • Motor: 3720 kv1250
  • ESC: 70A
  • Servo:2*9g + 2*17g
  • Propeller: 9-14in

However, since Talon UAV prop clearance allows swinging up to 14 inches propeller, better choice would be Tiger MT2826 550KV on 4S batteries with 13x8 propeller, or Sunnysky 2826 550kv on 4S batteries with 13x8 propeller with maximum battery capacity of around 10.000mAh.

Planes CG is 90mm behind the leading edge. It's pretty sensitive on controls and requires little deflection of 12-20mm to affect an attitude change.

Front landing gear will eventually fall out and tail skid in the back will start to fail after few landings. One of the options is to pull out nose gear and reinforce the belly with fiber tape together with tail skid for belly landing. Landing gear on the wing will rip out so it should be removed.

One of the design highlights popular in FPV world these days is clear dome. It does improve aerodynamics but is usually placed on nose of plane where it will get damaged pretty regularly. Have in mind that, at the moment of writing this article, basic kit does not come with the replacement dome so think in advance.

All in all, one more dedicated FPV platform to have in mind and obviously a good looking one.


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