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Feb 14


Skywalker FPV

With today's advancing wireless video technology becoming more and more accessible in price terms, one part of the RC hobby is gaining in popularity every day with one particular airframe becoming almost standard, Skywalker FPV.

Some time ago company Skywalker Technology Co. Ltd. launched high-wing, pusher airplane configuration based on in FPV already famous Multiplex Easy Star.

Multiplex EasyStar

The new platform, Skywalker FPV, looked like over-sized East Star with much bigger fuse that can easily carry 10.000mAh of LiPo batteries, featuring 1680mm wingspan with high lift airfoil, two piece wing, maximum of 9 inch prop (10 inch with modifications) and T tail.

Skywalker FPV 1680mm

Skywalker FPV left , Multiplex EasyStar right

Sadly, these first Skywalker FPV's were made out of EPS, brittle foam that required too much reinforcing to carry the weight and almost no benefits of the foam fuselage at this size.
However design of the planes size and payload capabilities resulted in high interest in FPV community for this airframe and finaly led to new version of Skywalker FPV with much better EPO foam,
after which, airframe became de facto standard in FPV. These early EPO models still required bunch of modifications such as I-beam reinforced wings, additional strength with carbon-fiber strips added to wobbly T-tail and main boom, etc.


Today it's offered in variety of fuses (wider, with removable tail etc) and wing configurations, 1880mm, 1900mm, with different airfoils and dihedral/polyhedral configurations.
Skywalker Technologies Co Ltd. produced number of FPV platforms in EPO foam mostly in flying wing configuration such as Skywalker X8, X7, X6.




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