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Jun 22


Sig Kadett

Originally designed for teaching, tens of thousands of novices have effectively learned to fly with Sig Kadett. Even skilled RC pilots relish the cadet's slow and relaxed flight features - doing touch and go landings at the speeds of a walk. The Sig Kadett EG ARF gets in the air rapidly. The massive 2-piece wing is IMAA lawful at 80-1/2" span plus provides huge lifting capability.

Like all Sig Kadetts, the LT-40 performs perfectly in flying with "hands off" steadiness on all axes. If a pupil pilot gets confused, he should only let go off the control rods and the LT-40 would recover itself and re-occur to level flight within an instant. Since the Kadett LT-40 is larger than the regular 40 sized trainer, this has an abundant lighter wing loading which lets it fly sluggishly! Slower speed offers the pupil pilot more time to consider and respond to what the model is doing, therefore creating it easier to learn to glide an RC.

First efforts at RC flying would be with a fundamental steady model that flies sluggish enough to give the pupil pilot time to think and then respond. The Sig Kadett is the invention of designer Claude McCullough's 50 years in the model aircraft hobby. All about the Kadett has been designed to make it the easiest to fly without an instructor.The Sig Kadett flies so sluggish and gentle that anybody can handle this on their actual first try! Flat-bottom airfoil, light weight building and a super light wing stacking allows the Kadett to cruise about at low speeds.

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