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Oct 21


RCTimer SimonK ESC Review

For those not so tech savy, unwilling to make connectors, solder and involve in process of flashing ESC, there is easy yet cheap route to fast response ESC's. Pre-flashed SimonK ESC's at RCTimer.

We already described in one of the previous writings, one of the ways to flash your ATMega based ESC's with SimonK firmware.
If you ask yourself what on earth is SimonK firmware and do I really need it, there is article for you describing what exactly are the benefits of changing firmware to SimonK on your cheap ATMega ESC's.

Some ESC's are easier to flash then the others, as is the case with the HobbyKing Aquastar/Super Brain ESC series  (flashing instruction can be found here)

However, most of the ESC's are not meant to be flashed and do not have boot-loader enabled out of the box. This process will require from you to find the correct pin's to the ATMega micro-controller,
which sometimes can be tricky, create some sort of tool to maintain firm connection with the pins in order for firmware update to succeed.
RCTimer is selling cheap components, their site is usually slow to respond (sometimes unbearably slow) but they do respond to the specific needs of community with solutions.
One such example is brushless motors with longer leads which is very helpful. They are also offering ESC's pre-flashed with the SimonK firmware.

There are several different ESC's pre-flashed available ranging from 20A-40A. All these ESC's are already tested by the users worldwide and overall verdict is very good bang for the buck.

Another benefit is they do pay the royalties to the Simon Kirby so this could be the way to thank him for contributing such a great work to the community.

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