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Jul 18


Surfing in your back yard with RC swamp boat

You are standing on the deck of your boat. Sun is shining on you. You boat is going at a meteoric speed. Your clothes are flapping. You are flanked by two blonde girls. You feel on the top of the world. You are having the time of your life. You do not want this to end. You want to enjoy every bit of the surfing. Zap. Dream ends. You are back to reality.

If you have never had the chance to surf the seas and oceans on a boat, there is no need to worry. You can have the feeling of a boat in your backyard pool or a nearby bond. For that, we have the RC swamp boat for you. It is a miniscule boat which is the exact replica of the real boat. The dimensions of the RC swamp boat are usually 500mm by 200mm by 200mm (L* W * H).

It comes just about ready to run. Only a few minutes of assembly time are required to have this exciting RC swamp boat tearing the waves of a local swimming pool or your back yard. The usual components in an RC swamp boat include a motor, propeller, servo and a battery. A transmitter and a receiver and a battery are also required to control and run the boat remotely.

Usually, it weighs about more than half of one kilogram. It is an ideal item to play with when bored. Age does not matter. An RC swamp boat can also be gifted to anyone, especially budding mechanical engineers.

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