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Jun 28


Pylon Racing RC Plane

Radio controlled devices are getting more popular with time. There are different types and categories of them, and different activities you can use them. One of the most popular RC categories is planes. Planes are having different specifications, and it depends on the activity airplane is designed.

There are different planes events you can use RC models on, but probably the most popular are pylon racing RC plane. Pylon racing is similar to real planes pylon racing. There is track planes must pass, and pylons are determining that track. There is very precise set of rules when it comes to the number of pylons; their position or number of circles plane must pass during the race.

Pylon racing RC plane is strictly defined. Rules determine every detail of plane's construction, such as wings, motor, fuel, propeller, construction material, radio station and many other elements. There are several classes of this planes that are designated by the National Miniature Pylon Racing Association. Each plane competes in his category.

Competition also has very strict set of the rules that determine the shape of the track, positions of the pylons, distance between them, number of laps and other details. Fastest planes in these competitions usually fly between 180 and 200 mph.

Of course, in competition, speed is the most important part, but planes agility and controller's ability and expertize are also imperative. Races are exciting and often milliseconds are the difference that decides about the winner. That is why those competitions are very interesting and well attended.

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