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May 15



With rising of remote radio control devices, people started created different types of devices that can be radio controlled. There are practically no limits to things that can be radio controlled, but mostly those are mobile devices, such as cars, plains or boats.

One of the less known radio controled devices are a parafoil. People usually use it in aviation and sports since it is an airfoil with an aerodynamic structure that uses wind and another airflow to fly. There can also be a motor with a ventilator that creates its own airflow.

RC parafoil is similar to the real one. Only difference is you can control it from the ground by using some radio controled device. It is mostly a hobby, and parafoil owners often meet, exchange their experiences, socialize and comet with each other, but it can be handy in some areas such as meteorology or an agriculture.

There is a several way to join this club. You can buy a finished RC parafoil, but most of the enthusiast prefer to make their own. For that, you can buy prepared kit. There you can find all that you need to make an RC parafoil. Second way is o create it in a classic do-it-yourself way and look for all elements separately.

It is a very interesting hobby, since it combines craft with science, handwork with calculations and beauty with efficiency. This hobby will test your skills, both physically and mentally, but once the job is over, and your creation is upon the sky, satisfacion is guaranteed.


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