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About Us What & who makes us tick!

Who are we

We are team of RC enthusiast who spent a lot of time digging out trough the vasts of Internet RC content trying to figure out what's what.

What's the idea behind RCDig

Knowledge of all kind and experience built with years in this hobby is lying around in the dark corners of number of radio controlled hobby forums waiting to be found. Small problem is forums are also littered with unwanted information and digging trough the rubble usually is hard. You can't but to think that all this useful information is discovered again and again by every and each one of us trying to find the relevant information for our bellowed project on hand. Idea behind the RCDig could simply be described as "reusable finds".

How can I help?

If you discovered something on topic, fitted all these pieces of puzzle in your head to grasp the whole project why not share it with others so we could progress faster. Write to us we would gladly publish your project, build-log or just the notes of your current project.