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Jul 05


Monocoupe RC airplane

  • 7¬†years, 2¬†months ago
  • Robert D

The Monocoupe RC airplane is capable of handling upper winds yet is gentle enough to fly. It is small but sufficient enough for easy transportation. It is, however, assembled with the flight features of much superior models. It is majestic entity and stands out on the earth and in the air. Simple to shape, fun to fly and truly classical.

Monocoupe RC airplane has Balsa and light ply structure, fiberglass hood, wire landing gear, regulator horns, wheels, APC Canopy, push rods and hardware, servo plate, decals and a complete set of an Assembly Manual. There are many models with lots of details.

The Monocoupe RC airplane Special variation of 1931 was constructed to meet the requirements of racing pilots. The wingspan was reduced from the normal 32 ft. to 23 ft., a 125 horsepower Warner Scarab was connected and fairings plus wheel spats added. Seven of the specials were constructed by Monocoupe RC airplane and three further airplanes were modified to a comparable standard by home builders. The last Model 110 Special to be finished in 1941 was N36Y "Little Butch" whichever re-entered the flyover circuit in 1946, motorized by a 185 horse-power Warner Super Scarab machine. The Monocoupe RC airplane flew until 1981 and was then donated to the National Air plus Space Museum in Washington DC.

Despite its high presentation and aerobatic competence, the Monocoupe RC airplane can be decelerated right down proving stable flight features. This airplane is a great way to have some fun and truly enjoy your free time.

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