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May 03


Best kit for building RC planes - laser cut kit

  • 7¬†years, 3¬†months ago
  • Robert D

Every hobbyist with passion about RC planes has at least one laser cut kit build in his collection. Wonder why? In short - if you want to have the best airplane replica you can get your hands on, then this is what you need.

Many manufacturers and hobbyist have used hand cut parts to make their models, did this work out well? Yes it certainly did for those who had steady hands and enough patience to put the whole thing out. If you don't belong to this group of people (patient and hands with no unnecessary movement) you will definitely want to get laser cut kit and start building your plane.

It doesn't really matter which model you're building for yourself, there are more than a few available on the market today. Any laser cut kit available to buy comes with assembly plan, just to help you build it easier.

If you want to have a rather specific and unusual small plane all you need are the plans - any of the companies that make their own kits will be more than happy to make one laser cut kit according to your desire.

Materials most used in aircraft modeling today are plywood, balsa, covering paper and some models also have added aluminum to give them extra stability and durability. Earlier it was common practice to cut all the pieces by hand - if some were out of correct proportions you had to go back to the "draw board" and do it all over again, but today you can just order one laser cut kit and start assembling your model.


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