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Jun 03


Large RC boats

  • 7¬†years, 3¬†months ago
  • Robert D

There is a while since Radio Controlled Devices appeared. First Radio Controlled device ever was a boat. It's first appearance was in 1898, on huge exhibition in Madison Square Garden. Boat was sailing on the lake, and it seemed to obey commands people were shouting from the audience, but, it was a radio controlled by its inventor, great scientist Nikola Tesla.

With time, some other scientists were inventing new and improved methods of Radio Controlling. Costs were decreasing fast, and there was different range of radio controlled devices usage. They were used before and are still used in the military, meteorology, agriculture, and some other fields. But the today, biggest use of Radio Controlled Devices is in toys industry and hobbies.

When it comes to the hobbies, there are different model of Radio Controlled Devices. There is something for every taste, from cars and trucks, planes and helicopters to boats and submarines. Ever since the first boat Nikola Tesla operated, boats are among the most popular, and for the reason. Water is very interesting media for them, and there are so many things these models can do.

For example, some models are built for the speed. Today's world speed record for this boat is over 106 mph! That is some speed even for the actual vehicle. On the other hand, some boats are made for the pure joy of watching them sailing. Boats can be of different sizes, from small ones to the large RC boats.

Those boats can be replicas of the real boats such as battleship boats, submarines, ocean liners, fishing boat, aircraft carriers or any other existing boat. They can also be simple ships that are usually built for developing high speed. You can buy finished ship ready to sail, and some people prefer making it by themselves. You can own large RC boat for the pure pleasure, or you can participate in various ranges of events or competitions.

There are various competitions for large RC boats. Some of them are all about speed, but there are also competitions for homemade boats, and for different boat's categories. Either way, there is a lot to see on events like that, and those are very popular and highly visited events. Many people that never owned some RC boat and that have no desire to own it; are coming to enjoy watching them sailing.

Large RC boats are a great hobby. They require some time, energy and, most important, money. But, if you are searching for a hobby that combines so many elements such as craft, mechanics, aesthetics, radio controlling, water, being outdoors and hanging out with some people who share similar interests as you, large RC boats may be a perfect choice for you.

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