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May 15


Fieldview 888

Good monitor is the paramount in FPV flying and first thing to carefully choose, so is Fieldview 888 one of those? Does it goes to blue screen and is it bright enough for FPV?

Fieldview 888 is bigger brother of already proven Fieldview 777, 7 inch monitor but with bigger form factor of 8 inch usable diagonal display space and it's 450cd/m brightness makes it suitable for outdoor use even in bright daylight. Although advertised as HD monitor it's actual resolution is 800x480 pixels, which is more than enough for todays FPV standards as analog video equipment used maximum resolution is less then that.

Beside high brightness one of the main must-have features of the Fieldview 888 monitor that's going to be used for FPV is lack of so called "blue screen". On video glitches and droputs or static, while video is still useable enough to fly most of the monitors will just stop displaying video and usualy go to blue screen or turn off completely until the perfect image is restored. This sometimes can take few seconds which is more then enough to lose control of fast or low flying model.

Fieldview 888 is LED backlit LCD display with dimensions 208 x 145 x 33mm and 16:9 display ration. Wide input voltage range DC 6-18V makes it perfect for outdoor usage as it can be powered with various batteries. Monitor also has built-in 1W speakers and working temperature range -20C to 60C. Monitor has analog mono and video input only, no HDMI, VGA or similar.

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