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Nov 06


FatShark AttitudeSD

Most will agree that FPV is all about immersion and there is no better immersion than with FPV goggles. When talking about FPV goggles, FatShark is first choice of many FPV pilots.
There are several different Headsets offered by FatShark and one of those are FatShark AttitudeSD. But how does it compare to the others?

FatShark AttitudeSD package comes with the Headset, zipper case, 250mW TX w/bat lead, 2p 3dBi antenna, AV cable, Futaba data cable, ezUHF data cable and lens cloth.
Shape of the goggles resembles FatShark BASE but these are coated with rubber compared to the BASE glossy finish.
FatShark AttitudeSD unlike other FatShark goggles come with built-in MIG V5 agnetic, inertial and gyro sensors head tracker and FatShark 5.8Ghz receiver with high-pass filtering operating at the following frequency channels:

5740 MHz, 5760 MHz, 5780 MHz, 5800 Mhz, 5820 MHz, 5840 Mhz, 5860 MHz

Important thing to have in mind is that these receivers and transmitters are not compatible with most of the 5.8Ghz equipment on the market, only FatShark and ImmersionRC.

Goggles feature same respectable 35 degree field of as BASE edition which is slightly larger than 30 degrees Dominators have. This together with non-glass optics resulting in slightly blury picture on edges but better immersion.

Same backlight technology is used as in Dominator. Other features worth mentioning are adjustable IPD (InterPupillary Distance) and rubber eye-cups.

Detailed comparison table with other Goggles

HeadSet RES FOV Weight IPD HT VRX 5.8Ghz
VRX 2.4Ghz GOpt Price
Dominator HD 800x600 45° Unknown 57-73 mm Modular Modular Modular YES $550
Dominator 640x480 30° 163g 62.5 mm Modular Modular Modular YES $300
Attitude SD
640x480 35° 150g 59-69 mm YES YES NO NO $360
BASE 640x480 35° 120g 59-69 mm NO NO NO NO $260
Predator V2 640x480 25° 150g 63.5 mm NO YES NO NO $280
Teleporter V3 320x240 24° 150g 63.5 mm NO YES NO NO $199

RES = Resolution

FOV = Field Of View

IPD = InterPupillary Distance

HT = Head Tracker

VRX = Video Receiver

GOpt = Glass Optics


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