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May 08


DTF UHF 1 Watt long range receiver

You might ask yourself if the title is correct, 1watt receiver? Aren't receivers the one that receive the signal not transmit? Well, it's a bit misleading, since DTF UHF 1 Watt long range receiver is not receiver only, it's transceiver.

Transceivers are devices with dual purpose, receiving and transmitting usually sharing common circuitry or housing.

This is not new design per se, since most of the radio control manufacturers these days feature telemetry, information coming from the model back to the ground, and that requires transceivers. What's new about DTF UHF 1 Watt long range receiver is that this is probably the first time we see this in opensource long range UHF systems powered by OpenLRS.

Now why is this important.

In FPV receiving vital information from flying model is very useful. OSD (on screen display) is one of the primary way to do it but receiving telemetry information such as GPS location of the model, speed, altitude in format that could be used for example for antenna tracking is not possible via OSD. So far manufacturers were using video or audio channels of video link to transmit these information which required bulky, usually proprietary hardware and software on both ends. Another very important field where telemetry is used are UAV's and for this purpose separate radio sets were used such as 3dr radio set but with few drawbacks, limited range, more components to go wrong and the price.

Now, DTF UHF 1 Watt long range receiver is giving us ability to use the same set of devices and frequencies to control the long range model and get the telemetry back via the same affordable set. On top of all it's open-source meaning we'll probably have it on market for a long time.


  • Low-pass input filter to reduce out-of-band interference
  • PPM output up to 16 channels (enable in menu)
  • RSSI output, digital (enable in menu) (can be turned into 3.3v analogue with a solder jumper)
  • Completely user-settable frequency selections: 413MHz up to 453MHz
  • Up to 24 hopping channels, user-settable
  • Custom pin mapping
  • Adjust settings and bind wirelessly, without digging it out of your aircraft
  • Can also be used as a transmitter
  • RFM23BP transceiver module including Si4432 chip with configurable 0-1000mW output, Frequency hopping capability and hundreds features.
  •  (49x28mm) board size
  • around 15 grams with SMA connector and servo pins.
  • Antenna not included.

RFM23BP transceiver module has adjustable RF output power of 400mW and 750-800mW. At the moment of writing there is not much feedback information about DTF UHF 1 Watt long range receiver in real world usage, but it's looking promising. 


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