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May 08


Discovery 500 RC sailboat

  • 7¬†years, 3¬†months ago
  • Robert D

One of the most popular RC controlled device's categories are the boats. It is exciting to stand on the shore and send commands to the boat that is sailing on the sea or the lake.

They're are different types and styles of RC sailboats, depending on what people prefer. Some people buy finished boat, some prefer making kit, and some people even make it from the beginning on their own.
One of the most popular sailboats models is Discovery RC 500 sailboat. You can buy it, and it takes just few minor assembling to do before hitting to the nearest water. You just must add your own receiver and batteries, and you can start.

Boat hull is made of the fiberglass and painted, and its design is off an ocean racing yacht. It also has all the required items, such as steering servo, mainsail winch and all ringing.
If you start using this boat, you will find out they are nor slow and boring. It only takes some breeze to turn them into extremely quick boats that can perform rapid turns. All of these makes Discovery RC 500 sailboat interesting, exciting and fun.

Discovery 500 RC sailboat is a good choice for the beginners, since it is a good combination of moderate cost, attractive looks, easy and fast assemblage and good performances on the water. There is also a large group of the hobbyist that use this boat, so you will find plenty of other people's experiences and advices if you need them.


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