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Dec 22


Cyclops Tornado OSD

If you were satisfied with Cyclops Storm OSD as I was, news about new product, Cyclops Tornado OSD, from the same manufacturer will make you smile. Whats so special about Cyclops Tornado OSD you say. Well, if its anything like Storm OSD, we can expect neatly packaged OSD with everything one FPV enthusiast might need, including throttle control.

Although not sure on the source of manufacturers fixation on devastating winds, line of OSD's coming from a guy with nickname extraline on forums proved to be good bang for the back which is just, well doing the job. As previous owner of pricey Feiyu-tech autopilot with OSD I can tell you that my satisfaction with Cyclops Tornado OSD's little brother, Cyclops Storm OSD, is coming not from the quality of casing, extra functionality, but the compact package and no-bullshit stabilization, GPS RTH and AHI for half the price.

On the first look Cyclops Tornado OSD is somewhat bigger but still encased in recognizable blue casing. Immediately, you can notice hole on the top of the box which says airspeed. So thats the first new feature. Unlike any other OSD on the market Cyclops Tornado OSD is equipped with built-in airspeed sensor. To get the precise enough measurement of the airspeed both dynamic and static air pressure readings are necessary. Hole on the top is for dynamic pressure and the hose that should be connected to it is not supplied in the kit. Static pressure is measured inside the box so there is no separate installation for the static pressure hose. This means that to get the proper readings, if Cyclops Tornado OSD is installed inside the fuse, we must make sure that fuse itself is not building up additional pressure for example with the cooling holes on the nose and no proper venting on the back.

Thanks to the airspeed sensor new Cyclops Tornado OSD, for the first time, is capable of controlling airplanes throttle, minimum, maximum and cruise speed avoiding stall possibility of the plane in autopilot controlled flight modes. Minimum speed setting is the minimum speed of the airplane below which autopilot will refuse to climb to avoid stall.

Another new hardware feature is support for flight logging to TF memory card.

Cyclops Tornado OSD Autopilot is capable of autonomous way-point flight, with up to 10 way-points, configurable from the main menu screen. Each of the way-points is configured relative the home position by calculating the angle between the line to the north and line to the way-point and entering the distance to the way-point in meters.

Cyclops Tornado OSD has interesting possibility of automatically turning on RTH (return to home) in PA and Autopilot modes once the voltage of battery hits the predefined limit. This could be interesting feature but I can image few situations where it can also result in disaster, e.g. flying low and near the obstacles. In case you forgot yourself and wander too far, RTH can also be triggered automatically in PA mode when "safe range" limit is reached.

Interesting option for Futaba users is S-BUS support which can be turned on and off.

List of features

  • True airspeed support with throttle control
  • min,max and cruising speed
  • Autopilot waypoints
  • TF memory card flight logging
  • Home point hovering
  • Futaba S-Bus


Weight (main board) 35g
Size (L*W*H) 75.3*44*15mm
Current consumption
(12V without GPS module)

Package includes

Cyclops Tornado OSD main board
GPS Module 10Hz
GPS cable 20cm long
Current and Voltage sensor 100A, 30V
Current sensor cable 20cm long
Servo cable * 6 20cm long
Setting board
Switch board cable 40cm long

Manual available for download here

UPDATE: Cyclops Tornado OSD firmware v1.03 is out.



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