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Apr 04

Turnigy 5017 620kv

Posted by Mark Spencer    Categories:

If you are looking for efficient, good looking multi-rotor motors specifically designed for multi-rotor application, Turnigy 5017 620kv might be the one for you.

Apr 02

Turnigy Lipo Chargers

Posted by Mark Spencer    Categories:

You need a decent charger that can charge all your batteries including LiPo, LiFe, NiMh, NiCd? If you are in RC world in last few years, it would be impossible to miss one brand know for it's large products portfolio and "best bang for the buck" philosophy, Turnigy.

Mar 30


Posted by Mark Spencer    Categories:

There surely are cheaper alternatives but TGY-306G-HV is good "bang for the buck". Thanks to it's dimensions it's usually used as drop in replacement for cheap Orange servos and it surely is an upgrade in terms of quality.