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Apr 04

Turnigy 5017 620kv

Posted by Mark Spencer    Categories:

If you are looking for efficient, good looking multi-rotor motors specifically designed for multi-rotor application, Turnigy 5017 620kv might be the one for you.

Feb 07

Turnigy integrated PCB Micro-Quad

Posted by Mark Spencer    Categories:

Weather you are entering the multi-copters world or just waiting for winter to pass, Turnigy integrated PCB Micro-Quad is the thing to look at with its compact size and more than attractive price.

Dec 24

AIOP v2.0 all in one pro Flight Controller

Posted by Mark Spencer    Categories:

Currently one of the best value-for-money controller boards with high quality sensors, this version of board, AIOP V2.0 all in one pro Flight Controller, comes with reinforced USB connector which proved to be the weak point and works with MultiWii, MegaPirate, ArduPlane and ArduCopter.

Oct 21

RCTimer SimonK ESC Review

Posted by Mark Spencer    Categories:

For those not so tech savy, unwilling to make connectors, solder and involve in process of flashing ESC, there is easy yet cheap route to fast response ESC's. Pre-flashed SimonK ESC's at RCTimer.

Oct 18

SimonK ESC firmware

Posted by Mark Spencer    Categories:

Multi-rotors scene witnessed boom in popularity in last several years welcoming seasoned RC enthusiasts as well as professionals seeking for steady filming platforms. RC industry is lazy in response to the market demands and in the first years we've witnessed bunch of pioneering work in the field. Usually electronics used were not actually designed for the purpose of multi-copter flight and some of the interesting modifications were made, such as the work on Open Source Firmware of ATmega-based brushless ESCs by Simon Kirby, or widely known as SimonK firmware for multi-copter ESCs. So what are SimonK firmware advantages?