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Feb 26


Posted by Mark Spencer    Categories:

For decent FPV experience one is key ingredient, LRS (Long Range System) UHF system. Most if not all operate at around 433MHz frequency and RangeLink is no exception. On this page we'll try and cover some of the basic and some advance setup of RangeLink.

Nov 13

RTL-SDR Spectrum Analyzer

Posted by Mark Spencer    Categories:

Recipe for successfull FPV is good video link, and there is no such with bad antennas. Most of the stock antennas we are getting with the video transmitters and receivers are usually totally out of tune and building your own requires certain tools. One important tool that is frequently mentioned on forums is spectrum analyzer but so far it was too expensive and few have them, but not anymore. Solution is RTL-SDR Spectrum Analyzer.

Oct 18

Turnigy USB linker

Posted by Mark Spencer    Categories:

Turnigy USB linker is hardware needed to flash your AquaStar/Super Brain ESC series. Today I'm going to show you how to use the Turnigy USB Linker to update your ESC's with the bootloader enabled.