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May 17


Carbon fiber RC cars

  • 7¬†years, 5¬†months ago
  • Robert D

You can find many Radio Controlled devices on the market. They belong into different categories; depends on the device, usage, price and many other features. When it comes to hobbyist devices, proper materials are imperative, since those devices are very often exposed to high stress and difficult conditions.

RC cars are a good example. They are usual racing cars, so it is common they collide turn over, or run out of the track. To stand it, you need to have a good chassis. It has to be light, yet still strong and durable. It is not easy to have all of that in one peace.

Best way to unite all these features in one is a carbon fiber chassis. Carbon fibers are an important part of fiber reinforced polymer structure. This structure contains some binding polymer and other additives. Binding polymer is usually some thermoset resin, such as epoxy. It can be easily shaped, usually in a mold. It can also contain various additives like carbon fibers or glass fibers. Other additives may be silica, rubber or some other materials. It mostly depends on what will be the purpose of the product.

These materials are rather expensive, but manufacturing techniques are improving, so the cost is getting more acceptable, and it can be part of increasing number of different product. You can use it practically in every product where you need strength, stiffness and lightness in one, but carbon fiber reinforced polymers are very common in the transport industry and sport goods industry. If you need light material that can stand high levels of stress, this is the perfect solution. One of uses for this material is in carbon fiber RC cars. These racing cars are very attractive, and races are very popular.

Some people are making their own parts for the carbon fiber RC cars, but it is not a very good solution, since the material costs, and you need to have high knowledge about fiber reinforced polymers to do that. It is much easier, safe and less expensive to buy prepared peace and then customize it with color of your choice and car decals you can purchase or made on your own. If you want your RC car to be unique, best solution will be to order special chassis to be made by your specifications.
Most of the carbon fiber RC cars owners are paying high attention to the look of their cars, not just their driving performances. That is one of the reasons carbon fiber RC cars are so popular. To resume, if you are looking for a product that must be strong, durable, and able to stand high levels of stress, and very light in the same time, carbon fibers reinforced polymer structures are one of the best solutions.

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