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Feb 26


Posted by Mark Spencer    Categories:

For decent FPV experience one is key ingredient, LRS (Long Range System) UHF system. Most if not all operate at around 433MHz frequency and RangeLink is no exception. On this page we'll try and cover some of the basic and some advance setup of RangeLink.

Feb 22

Taranis Battery

Posted by Mark Spencer    Categories:

New Taranis RC transmitter from FrSky is maybe todays best bang for the buck, but why on earth did they design it for obsolete NiMh battery packs. Taranis battery that comes with transmitter is only 800mAh and since it's NiMh with high self-discharge rate. This means you have to charge it every time you are planning to go to the field.

Feb 20

Talon UAV

Posted by Mark Spencer    Categories:

You wanted another FPV pusher? You got it! But this time its not Easy Star type of pusher but rather tail mounted motor airframe with striking similarity to one of the military UAVs. It's Talon UAV by X-UAV.

Feb 14

Skywalker FPV

Posted by Mark Spencer    Categories:

With today's advancing wireless video technology becoming more and more accessible in price terms, one part of the RC hobby is gaining in popularity every day with one particular airframe becoming almost standard, Skywalker FPV.

Feb 08

LiPo Battery Checker

Posted by Mark Spencer    Categories:

With LiPo batteries becoming de facto standard in this Hobby today, one of the things any RC hobbyist should always have in his toolbox is LiPo battery checker.

Feb 07

Turnigy integrated PCB Micro-Quad

Posted by Mark Spencer    Categories:

Weather you are entering the multi-copters world or just waiting for winter to pass, Turnigy integrated PCB Micro-Quad is the thing to look at with its compact size and more than attractive price.