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Nov 13

RTL-SDR Spectrum Analyzer

Posted by Mark Spencer    Categories:

Recipe for successfull FPV is good video link, and there is no such with bad antennas. Most of the stock antennas we are getting with the video transmitters and receivers are usually totally out of tune and building your own requires certain tools. One important tool that is frequently mentioned on forums is spectrum analyzer but so far it was too expensive and few have them, but not anymore. Solution is RTL-SDR Spectrum Analyzer.

Nov 06

FatShark AttitudeSD

Posted by Mark Spencer    Categories:

Most will agree that FPV is all about immersion and there is no better immersion than with FPV goggles. When talking about FPV goggles, FatShark is first choice of many FPV pilots.
There are several different Headsets offered by FatShark and one of those are FatShark AttitudeSD. But how does it compare to the others?

Nov 01

Headplay 800 x 600 FPV Goggles

Posted by Mark Spencer    Categories:

Although it's not the case today, few years ago headplay 800 x 600 fpv goggles were one of the two mainstream options of goggles for FPV with FatShark's being the second.
One can find a lot of discussion on topic which one are suited best but both have their pros and cons.