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May 23

Cordless drill conversion to LiPo power

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You are about to finish your project, reaching out for your trusty cordless drill just to find out that the battery is empty, &$*!@!$. We all know this happens just too often. Batteries used in cordless drills are usually of Ni-Cd chemistry which has high self-discharge rate. This means that chemical reaction inside the battery is reducing it's charge without any connection between the electrodes, just by sitting on the shelf. Ni-Cd are especially prone to this losing it's charge pretty quickly. Another problem is that these batteries are usually of low quality with low number of possible charging cycles.

May 15

Fieldview 888

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Good monitor is the paramount in FPV flying and first thing to carefully choose, so is Fieldview 888 one of those? Does it goes to blue screen and is it bright enough for FPV?

May 08

DTF UHF 1 Watt long range receiver

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You might ask yourself if the title is correct, 1watt receiver? Aren't receivers the one that receive the signal not transmit? Well, it's a bit misleading, since DTF UHF 1 Watt long range receiver is not receiver only, it's transceiver.

Transceivers are devices with dual purpose, receiving and transmitting usually sharing common circuitry or housing.

Apr 04

Turnigy 5017 620kv

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If you are looking for efficient, good looking multi-rotor motors specifically designed for multi-rotor application, Turnigy 5017 620kv might be the one for you.

Apr 02

Turnigy Lipo Chargers

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You need a decent charger that can charge all your batteries including LiPo, LiFe, NiMh, NiCd? If you are in RC world in last few years, it would be impossible to miss one brand know for it's large products portfolio and "best bang for the buck" philosophy, Turnigy.

Mar 30


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There surely are cheaper alternatives but TGY-306G-HV is good "bang for the buck". Thanks to it's dimensions it's usually used as drop in replacement for cheap Orange servos and it surely is an upgrade in terms of quality.

Feb 26


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For decent FPV experience one is key ingredient, LRS (Long Range System) UHF system. Most if not all operate at around 433MHz frequency and RangeLink is no exception. On this page we'll try and cover some of the basic and some advance setup of RangeLink.

Feb 22

Taranis Battery

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New Taranis RC transmitter from FrSky is maybe todays best bang for the buck, but why on earth did they design it for obsolete NiMh battery packs. Taranis battery that comes with transmitter is only 800mAh and since it's NiMh with high self-discharge rate. This means you have to charge it every time you are planning to go to the field.

Feb 20

Talon UAV

Posted by Mark Spencer    Categories:

You wanted another FPV pusher? You got it! But this time its not Easy Star type of pusher but rather tail mounted motor airframe with striking similarity to one of the military UAVs. It's Talon UAV by X-UAV.

Feb 14

Skywalker FPV

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With today's advancing wireless video technology becoming more and more accessible in price terms, one part of the RC hobby is gaining in popularity every day with one particular airframe becoming almost standard, Skywalker FPV.