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Jun 28

Pylon Racing RC Plane

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  • 2 years, 12 months ago
  • Posted by Robert D

Radio controlled devices are getting more popular with time. There are different types and categories of them, and different activities you can use them. One of the most popular RC categories is planes. Planes are having different specifications, and it depends on the activity airplane is designed.

Jun 25

Top rated RC car chassis

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Several customers have expressed their concern over not knowing where to buy the best rated RC chassis. Do not worry. We have extracted some of the best rated three RC chassis from the internet.

Jun 22

Sig Kadett

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Originally designed for teaching, tens of thousands of novices have effectively learned to fly with Sig Kadett. Even skilled RC pilots relish the cadet's slow and relaxed flight features - doing touch and go landings at the speeds of a walk. The Sig Kadett EG ARF gets in the air rapidly. The massive 2-piece wing is IMAA lawful at 80-1/2" span plus provides huge lifting capability.

Jun 19

RC Airliners

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Radio Controlled Devices market is getting bigger every day. Besides a full scale of simple child toys, you can also get real toys for adults. From the speed to excellent stunt performances, from simple models to perfect replicas of real devices, from water and land to air, there is something for every taste.

Jun 15

RC Car Body

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The word "RC car body" typically refers to the casing or outer cover of a remote-controlled car. There are certain things you must know about RC car bodies:

Jun 07

RC gas Boats

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People love Radio Controlled Devices for different reasons, but probably the most important reason it is a great feeling to control some object's behavior from away. There are different types of RC devices, and for speed lovers, RC gas boats are on the top of the list.

Jun 03

Large RC boats

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There is a while since Radio Controlled Devices appeared. First Radio Controlled device ever was a boat. It's first appearance was in 1898, on huge exhibition in Madison Square Garden. Boat was sailing on the lake, and it seemed to obey commands people were shouting from the audience, but, it was a radio controlled by its inventor, great scientist Nikola Tesla.