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May 15


Posted by Robert D    Categories:

With rising of remote radio control devices, people started created different types of devices that can be radio controlled. There are practically no limits to things that can be radio controlled, but mostly those are mobile devices, such as cars, plains or boats.

May 13

It's always good to have some retro racing bikes and cars

Posted by Robert D    Categories:

Enjoying RC cars and bikes? It's nice to have fast and powerful RC car but to really be considered as hard core RC owner, you will need to add at least some special racing bikes and cars to your collection, and best choice by far are retro looking ones.

May 12

Seaplane RC

Posted by Robert D    Categories:

Seaplanes are not just capable of flying but also landing and taking off on the water. RC seaplanes are known to fly smoother and steadier than the other aircrafts and add to the enjoyment and fun of the passengers.

May 11

Brushless RC boats

Posted by Robert D    Categories:

There are different groups and types of Radio Controlled Devices. Most obvious division is the vehicle used. There are cars, planes, boats and many other vehicles. You can divide them by gas used or motor type, or some other distinctive feature. You can also divide them by purpose they have.

May 08

DTF UHF 1 Watt long range receiver

Posted by Mark Spencer    Categories:

You might ask yourself if the title is correct, 1watt receiver? Aren't receivers the one that receive the signal not transmit? Well, it's a bit misleading, since DTF UHF 1 Watt long range receiver is not receiver only, it's transceiver.

Transceivers are devices with dual purpose, receiving and transmitting usually sharing common circuitry or housing.

May 08

Discovery 500 RC sailboat

Posted by Robert D    Categories:

One of the most popular RC controlled device's categories are the boats. It is exciting to stand on the shore and send commands to the boat that is sailing on the sea or the lake.

May 06

Land your RC plane on snow with RC plane skis

Posted by Robert D    Categories:

We're all too well accustomed to keeping our RC planes in the garage or basement during winter months. Well there is no need to think this way anymore, just add some RC plane skis on your model and enjoy flying the same way as if it was summer.

May 03

Best kit for building RC planes - laser cut kit

Posted by Robert D    Categories:

Every hobbyist with passion about RC planes has at least one laser cut kit build in his collection. Wonder why? In short - if you want to have the best airplane replica you can get your hands on, then this is what you need.

May 02

Senior Telemaster

Posted by Robert D    Categories:

If you ever had remote controller in your hands you're all too well familiar with the feeling of flying an airplane - from the ground! True experts in this field will definitely tell you to forget about cheap plastic made replica models and get your hands on one of the senior telemaster models. And to be honest, they are completely right.

Apr 30

RC boat hulls

Posted by Robert D    Categories:

If you are RC boat beginner making the right choice with RC boat hulls is first step when building your first boat. You have to keep in mind that there are two main types of boat engines used today - electric and gas and the hulls for those are quite different. It also helps to know the size of the rest components you'll fit into your boat.